User requirements survey - questionnaire

In order to ensure that the Fit4Work system is designed in a way accepted by the potential end users and the resulting potential product fulfills market needs, we planned to involve representatives of end users in the project from the very beginning by inviting them to participate in the survey.

The prepared questionnaire contains 6 different sections which will allow us to see the whole picture of users' health, fitness status, knowledge of technology and to find out what are their expectations and willingness to use the system. It will also be a collection of important guidelines concerning further design and development work, as well as the basis for future business model of the resulting Fit4Work product.

The survey aim was to gather responses from at least 50 persons, aged 55 and more, in five countries participating in the project. In total, 277 older adults from five countries filled in the questionnaires. Among them, 67 come from the Netherlands, 72 from Poland, 40 from Slovenia, 48 from Spain and 50 from Romania. 78% of respondents were aged 50-65, which is still in the working age.

The questionnaire is available below, in English and participating countries languages:

Deriverable 2.1