Ljubljana project meeting (4-7.05.2015)

The 2nd Project board meeting of the Fit4Work consortium was held on 7th of May 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during the plenary meeting of the Fit4Work project. The host of the meeting was Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI).

User involvement as well as understanding their needs is essential to make our system userfriendly and working properly. That is why, the first day of meeting was dedicated to our future users. The main aim of this discussion was to find out which of the important topics (health, device, usability etc.) the target group values the most and should be taken into account in developing the prototype. We also tried to answer the questions, which kind of wearables are especially used by elderly people? Which features of wearables/devices are experienced as unfriendly by this target group and prevent will the elderly people from use? Then Marije from UnieKBO has presented examples of usage scenarios and explained how should we carry out the future pilots trials of the system.

The next day we have made a review of the technical work which has been done so far as well as discussed all topics which has to be done in the future. We defined all necessary parameters which must be recorded by sensors and wellness devices, to ensure proper functionality of the system. We also took into consideration all kinds of devices that potentially could be included to user package.

The last day of this demanding meeting in wonderful Ljubljana was devoted to administrative matters, projecting website, logo and graphical identification. We hoped You like it!

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