Poznan project meeting (2-5.2.2016)

The 3rd Project Board meeting of the Fit4Work consortium was held on 4th of February 2016 in Poznan, Poland, during the plenary meeting of the Fit4Work project. The host of the meeting was Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC).

We started our meeting with summary of users requirements. We determined what features are expected by the target group and what qualities Fit4Work must have in order to meet their needs. Then we discussed the methodology of pilots and decided that the first one will take place in July in Netherlands.

The next day started with the arrangements for monitoring physical activity. We specified daily limit of calories to be burned and energy expenditure that needs to be achieved to improve the health and fitness of our users. Then we specified what kind of activities would be recommended and how would we encourage our user to follow our advices.

We used the Disney Brainstorming Method as a first step in application design process. We agreed that it is essential that Fit4Work app provides visual representation of progresses, includes challenges with rewards, shows user benefits of using f4w and there should be an avatar showing user current status. (More about application design you will find in "Application design" article).

The third day was the Business Plan day! We used the Canvas Business Model to find answers to the main questions such as: Who is our customer?, How should our customer relationships look like?, How we will reach our customer? Who will be our key partners and what should be our key activity to reach ours' goal?) All of those questions and answers allowed us to create a business model which, we hopefully think, will make f4w one of the most successful projects on the market.

The last day of our meeting was about technology integration. Being full of knowledge from previous days, we put a lot of effort to create such a integration of the system, that would make f4w properly working and meets all the requirements. Our technology designing process you can see in the picture below! It was really exciting journey!