Sensors and wellness devices

The Fit4Work system involves monitoring of user activity, ambient conditions and both physical and mental stress. Our challenge was to find such sensors and devices that will allow us to realize those goals. In order to be sure we would make a good choice, before we have started searching, we had listed the criteria (critical and supporting) against which we would verify the usefulness of the devices. We also detailed some of the system features and discussed the vision for sensing scenarios taking place within the system. The primary purpose of those actions was to define a list of essential and supporting parameters which the system must and could measure to provide the envisaged functionality.

The defined critical criteria that selected devices had to match were: measured parameters, available budget and availability of measurements performed by those devices through an API. In the group of supporting criteria, there were: platform independence, minimization of the number of devices in user set, ergonomics, usability and design.

After a deep research of available sensing and wellness devices, in order to select the equipment base to be used for our system, we finally chose four devices which fully fulfill our requirements:

- Microsoft Band 2 as a fitness and stress detection device

- Structure Sensor as a body motion capture device

- Netatmo as an ambient conditions measuring device

- Samsung Galaxy S6 as a smartphone

To learn more and see all devices and criteria taken into consideration, take a look at the attachment below:

Deriverable 3.1